Expanding internationally has been in our corporate DNA since our company’s early years. Probably because we come from a small village in the border between Portugal and Spain and the cross-border commerce is a reality as old as the borders themselves.

A research by Thomson Reuters claims that companies with mixed boards perform marginally better than the others. Another research by Credit Suisse seems to point out in the same direction as it indicates that companies displaying greater board gender diversity display excess stockmarket returns.

We all had job interview experiences that were an utter disaster. Either because there was just this question to which we weren’t really prepared or maybe the interviewer just got a little too personal. Whatever the reason, the better prepared you are to an interview, the better chances you have to be successful!

Presumably, Portuguese should be proud of their ability to muddle through last-minute problems. This competitive advantage is hypothetically coded in our DNA and appears to be the reason we have been able to adjust to work in developing countries, at institutions and processes still at an early stage. I have also heard that we are meant for “for big events.”